Tsoras Law Office Specializes in Representing Clients with an Oil and Gas Lease in Powhatan Point, OH

Oil & gas producers are leasing land across Ohio and West Virginia. Oil and gas companies, along with pipeline companies, are seeking to enter into leases, easements and right-of-way agreements with landowners. A landman or oil and gas company may contact you about your property and oil and gas rights. You need to understand the documents that you are being asked to sign. Contact Tsoras Law Office to review the legal documents before you sign.

Owning land with oil and gas or holding oil and gas rights presents unique and challenging economic opportunities. Contact Ted Tsoras to review your oil and gas lease near Powhatan Point, OH.

Leases, right of way agreements, surface use and sales agreements will affect your rights.

Protect Your Rights. Let Attorney Ted Tsoras Negotiate Your Oil & Gas Or Pipeline Agreement

Oil & gas leases and pipeline agreements are binding legal documents between the landowner and operator. These contracts permit the operator to drill and develop the oil and gas minerals beneath the homeowners’ property. An independent “landman” or “land agent” will approach the landowner with a contract (lease); because the lease is a binding legal contract, it should be carefully reviewed by a contract lawyer. Most oil & gas leases and pipeline agreements created by the oil & gas industry are written in a way that heavily favors the company, but the contract’s terms are negotiable. Contact Tsoras Law Office to have your oil & gas lease or pipeline agreements reviewed by a business lawyer.

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Contact Tsoras Law Office to Discuss & Review Your Oil & Gas Lease TODAY

If you or your family are considering entering into a lease agreement in Powhatan Point, OH, contact Tsoras Law Office to schedule a consultation to review the contract before you sign. Schedule your consultation with an oil and gas lease attorney by calling (740) 795-4208 or submitting the consultation form below.

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