Family Law Issues Can Be Difficult. We're the Family Law Office You Need.

Issues of Family Law–including divorce, dissolution, child custody, visitation, child & spousal support–are challenging. Hiring an experienced family law attorney to help you navigate the difficult terrain is imperative to a successful outcome. Allow Ted to help you navigate the difficult terrain, and gain control over your family.

When you are faced with issues of child support, divorce, or custody, you want a family attorney who knows the challenges and the law.
When facing these challenges it is important to have a family law office to go to. No other type of attorney can help you in family court like an attorney who knows family law. 

Ted Tsoras is an Experienced Family law Attorney

The muddy waters of family disputes related to divorce, domestic violence and separation can be a lot to handle. This includes child custody issues, visitation arrangements and financial support. You want Ted Tsoras to fight for your family and the outcome that works for you.The process of going to court for the wellbeing of your family can seem debilitating.


Ted has the expertise to handle your family law dispute with care and concern. Getting you the post-separation arrangements that your family needs is crucial. When it is time to go to family court, you want to make sure you are well equipped with the knowledge, expertise and experience that your case needs. He can help you build a case based on your family situation and specific needs.


Tsoras Law Office has years of experience in family law cases involving:  

  • Divorce  
  • Dissolution  
  • Juvenile Custody  
  • Prenuptial Agreements  
  • Post-Decree Modifications  
  • Same Sex Divorce  
  • Grandparent Rights  
  • Civil Protection Orders  
  • Abuse & Neglect Proceedings  
  • Third Party Custody 
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Contact Tsoras Law Office to Discuss your Family Law Case with an Experienced Family Law Attorney

If you or a loved one is struggling with a family law matter, contact Tsoras Law Office to schedule a consultation with a reliable attorney, to discuss the details of your case, and discuss the best legal options available. Schedule your consultation today by calling (740) 795-4208 or submitting the consultation form below.

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